Sunday, November 27, 2005

MB Mural in progress,still

Back from the States and back to work on the mural. Here we have Sally taking pictures and giving Jake a bit of friendly advice. See Ryan in the background anticipating his next brush stroke.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

more work on the Murray Bridge mural

See here below at left Sarah loading up the brush to touch some of the thin grass areas. At right we have one of our star mural painters . This is Cassanda working on the blocking of the motorized caddy featured on the tool shed door.Cassy just loves to add a few of her own personalised touches.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

MB Mural in progress

The Commumity Lifestyles mural in Murray Bridge is coming along well. See pictured above at left is Adam.Little does he know at this stage that the image he is painting is meant to be him! Wait until I put the earring on! (He has one in his left ear). At the right is Ann using a very steady hand to block in a rather narrow and tricky pathway through the golf course. As far as I can work out, these two have loads more abilities than disabilities.Adam puts me to shame. He doesn't get a drop of paint on himself. I'd love to know how people do that!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Fonz and Gump

Now for some real champs! This picture above is of Mernie's horse Fonzie.(Racing name 'Too Imperial').Its not hard to get a handsome shot of Fonzie.

Now my horse, pictured below is another matter. This is Forrest (Yes, Gump for short)and he's really a nice looking horse but it seems whenever I try to get a good shot of him he makes a face and acts silly. My Dad's a bit like that too.(See previous blog of Stan the Man).
What at Wally!!!

garden elf

I thought I was finished with the Melbourne cup and all its frivolity when I spied a poor forlorn little lepricorn in my backyard. It seemed he lost everything including his little lepricorn shirt during the big race. What could I do? I couldn't just leave him there in his grief pitifully sitting on my upturned trash can. So I immediately ran inside to fetch sustenance. It was clear to me that he was in dire need of a quick infusion of vitamin C (for Champagne) and a little color, hence the (award winning) hat. I think I was just in time. He is going to live!!