Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Know You Rider, Mountain View, Wyoming July 2012

  Thanks to Beth and John Buzis, Vets ( Tom Courier and Irena Weiss) and Volunteers, this was yet again a wonderful,  fun- filled event. The ride takes its name from the popular Grateful Dead song 'I Know You Rider'. John is of course,a 'dead'icated fan!
 The Ty-dye theme, which included the hidden bears out on the trail, takes you right back to the psychedelic 60's. The food was delicious and there was music again from the local band Wyoming Wind making the whole atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. Kipling and I helped set trail (30 miles) on Friday and then did 50 miles (slow) both days. He was tired but bounced back really quickly. And me, well I don't seem to get tired riding this horse. It's like sitting on a hydrofoil.
 Sunrise over base camp.
 There was a 'Photo Ham' on the trail. See here the beautiful Michelle Smith of Trailwise Tack on her handsome Jet!.
 The Trail up the underground pipeline. Up Up Up through towering aspens
 Kip's lovin' this. His ears were like this the whole way.
 ....and this, the five mile jeep trail.
 Loved the jeep trail through the  forest.
 The Ham again!
 ...and again!
 ....and again
 Click to enlarge and you might be able to see the hiding deer!
Sun Set again. Justice not done by the photo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Horn 100 2012 75 mile completion

Had my second crack at the Big Horn 100 this week-end and once again ran into a glitch which prevented me from riding the 100 mile loop gallantly into base camp in the wee hours of the morning. Instead, due to circumstance and kind managerial decision, i was awarded a completion for 75 miles of some of the toughest endurance trail in the country. Yours truly and five other riders got off trail between Antelope Butte and Battle creek doing 31 instead of 16 miles. We missed a ribbon and follow the ribbons for the LD's 15 mile loop. By the time we got to the Battle Creek Vet Check, it was sort of late, our horses were tired and we were cautioned to go no further. It wasn't that the trail was badly marked: it was actually very well marked thanks to Tim French and all the other trail marker extraordinaires. Thanks Lyle, Kathy, Cindy, Tom and anyone else who worked hard at this. What a task!
Kipling rocked! His pulse wouldn't come down for a while at Battle Creek, but he was eating like a madman and drinking like a fish. It came down in about 40 minutes. Management put criteria at one hour although Irene Weiss (Vet) and i thought it was 30 minutes so we both assumed i was pulled. You can imagine my surprise when i was awarded a 75 mile completion at the breakfast presentation the next morning. All's well that ends well.
It doesn't seemed to matter what happens on this ride, good or bad, the friendliness, warmth and helpfulness of everyone makes up for all those trials and frustrations. This is an extremely difficult ride to put on and the Tolman's ,Van Gelders  Vets and volunteers bend over backwards to help you get through it AND manage to stay cheerful in the process! I guess that's why I'll can't wait to give it a go again next year! Third time's a charm so they say! R
Photo by Ross Tolman. Click on image to enlarge

Shamrock 2012 20th Anniversary

Photo by Karl Creations
Another fantastic time had by all at Shamrock now  twenty years into the making. Susie Schomberg and her superb team of volunteers and Vets sure know how to put on a good do!Here I am on Flamboyant Beau looking good but not good enough as he was pulled at the first check for a minor lameness which, in true form was gone the next day. I am looking for a new career for him now. Something that doesn't get him so revved up.This was Friday. Saturday I rode John Buzis's horse Too Far on the 30 and had a blast riding with his wife Beth on her Lacey and on Sunday I rode Cynthia Peticola's Rambling Red the Super Mule. Love mules and this one's a beauty! Again had a blast riding with Cynthia and Mary Ruebush. The weather was nice and thus the road into base camp didn't prove as 'enduring' as usual! There were lots of riders all three days and much catching up was done. Shamrock is one of those 'not to be missed' rides!