Monday, October 31, 2005

Melbourne cup history

In spite of the fact that I'm really flat out right now, what with a big exhibition coming up this week-end, in the middle of a major mural job and getting ready to take of overseas next week, I couldn't resist the invitation to attend a ladie's Melbourne cup luncheon here in Callington. Doesn't get better. Champagne, fancy hats and the excitement of the race. Not to mention that this year history was made when the champion mare (a female wots more) won the race for the third time running!! (Something that Pharlap would surely have done if he had the chance.) So, I'm glad I took the break and enjoyed it. And besides, I won a prize for best hat. A massage by our massage therapist host Donna! Yeehah and double yeehah!!! See here history being made above and the lovely Sarah Filmer one of the delectable guests and my good friend getting into the spirit of the occasion..
While everyone is reeling from the sensational victory of the winning stead I'm tending to wonder how many people are thinking about the second horse. Well I bet they are in Strathalbyn; a little country town neighbouring Callington. 'On A Juene' , the second horse, hails from Strath and really wasn't that far behind the 'golden girl!' I'd recon that one of the Strathalbyn pubs would be the place to be tonight!! My gosh, I'd better get off the computer and get down there before happy hour ends. And what a happy hour its going to be tonight.Cheers!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Joe used to be my Farrier when I had horses in Colorado. Being the starving artist I often swapped out paintings in return for my horses' footwear. This was many years ago but the other day I was surprised to receive an email from him titled 'your artwork alive and well in the USA.' Seems he had the artwork transfered to his new, and might I say quite specky pick-up truck. He says he gets lots of comments. My motto has always been "love it or hate it, you wont walk passed it!"
PS.... pity you can't see it closer. It has funny googly eyes!
Oh, my niece Shirley informs me that if you click on the picture you get to see the google eyes. She's right of course. Thanks Shirl!! Yes I know he looks like he's had a few too many!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This is my latest piece of art work. Who said my work is'nt serious. This chicken looks very serious indeed.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

'Heading' for greater things

Some of the results of Mernie playing around in Photo Shop. I'm just wondering where my head will end up next. This could be quite incriminating! By the way, that's a lagerphone in my left hand. Just one of the many highly technical instruments I play.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

roodroppings leading to the end of the year

Some Roo Droppings of things going on from now (Oct 19th) until the end of the year.
Currently I am working on mural sketches for Community Lifestyles in Murray Bridge. The project involves working with with some very charming people with abilities as well as disabilities. Together we will be creating a mural along a fence in front of their mini golf course. The picture here is pretty boring right now, but you'll see, it will be 'jumpin'' in a few weeks. As a natural progression we will be depicting a scene of a real golf course with 'golfcoursey-like' things going on. So far we only have the metal prep done. This Friday we will be working on some under-coating in preparation for the back ground to be set next week. We are on our way to great things. Stay tuned!
On the week-end of Nov 5th and 6th I am taking part in an exhibition/market at the Hahndorf Academy called the 'Weihnachtsmart' or Christmas fine arts market. About seven artists will be showing and selling their creations. Good quality work; no rubbish. It will be great! Although this is the first event of it's kind in Hahndorf, the organisers hope to make it an annual event. We will be there both days from 11am to 4pm. Would love to see as many people as possible show up. I'll try to get some more info up on the web.
Then on the following Thursday, the 9th of November, Mernie and I leave for the US for only 10 days to be with Mernie's Mum to celebrate her 80th birthday. Its also Mernie's birthday. He's a little younger though. Funny thing about that is that 59 years ago he really was 'a little Younger'. You see, Younger is Mernie's surname. Mernie Younger! He will always be Younger!
On the 26th of Nov. we will be attending an Opera in Callington at the Dog 'n Ute. I have been preparing some paintings for the event. (See earlier blog) Talk about something grand in a little ole'country town.
Then at the end of this month Mernie's son and his wife will be coming Down Under for a whirlpool visit. Early December will see us all on Kangaroo Island for a couple of days.
THEN, on 25th we get a special Chinese Xmas present. Our good friend Weinwen (pictured in the last blog) will be arriving from the USA to stay with us for a month.
Don't know what we are doing for New Year's but I'm voting for staying put! Maybe we could have a party and make it a Chinese New Year theme. Just for Weiwen.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Eleanora, Weiwen and a Chook Thing

My two adopted daugthers Eleanora and Weiwen in some exciting part of the world. They're not really my adopted daughters. However, if I did have two daughters I would like for them to have been just like these two lovely people.

And now some more Kiddy Lit.....

Have You Ever Been Ambushed By Chooks?

Have you ever sat eating a melon
spitting the seeds to the chooks
when a gang of them snuck up behind you
and stole the whole thing............the crooks?!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Painting a Funky Horse of course!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Here's my Dad 'Stan the Man' hard at work picking winners. It's a tough job but he never complains about it, even when he's losing!

stan the man

Here's my Dad Stan the Man bribing the best authority for a reliable tip!
(Notice the little tummy and hand holding a carrot that's just protruding into the picture on the right. That's my hubby Mernie lining up for a bribe himself!!

stan the man

Here he is beening silly something my Dad excels in. Gotta love 'im!

(I think that's some sort of toy pig he's playing with.)

stan the man

My Dad 'Stan the Man' here seen having a serious beer rugged up on a cold winters night . I often refer to him as the kid I never had!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is probably the biggest papier mache piece I have ever done. I think it probably did me in as it wasn't long after this I started my treatment for chronic fatigue!
This 'giant' was commissioned by the Seven Day Adventists Reform League as part of their programme of talks concerning the giants of the Bible. Each to his own. Here he is lying down in my Callington studio pretty close to completion. When standing he measures 12' and one inch (4metresish), took over a month to build working almost every day and sucked up about 50 litres of wall paper paste. Apparently they stand him up in a huge coffin to depict the way he was discovered a few centuries ago somewhere in Ireland. I contructed him in two parts so they can transport him around to stand as a visual during their lectures. Faith is an incredible thing!

Friday Kiddy Lit

Have you ever had a centipede?

Have you ever had a centipede
right inside your pants?
Did you scream or did you jump around
or do a hula dance?

Did you wonder how it go there
that's a place it shouldn't be?
Maybe someone put it there.
Hey it wasn't me!

How do things get into your house?
Do they just knock on the door?
Then come right in and look around
for trousers on the floor!

Did your Mum say "serves you right"
for dropping clothes around
then something 'bout a lesson
'bout trousers on the ground?

I bet it was quite horrid
all those little feet
a climbin' up toward that place
where both of your legs meet!!!

So now you'll know while dressing
just what it's all about
if you leave clothes lying on the floor
be sure to ..........SHAKE THEM OUT!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Callington's here!

It was my birthday this week-end.I'm a Libran an a typical one at that. The saying " I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure" was made up for me and my type. I guess we can just see every side to a story. But that's another topic. The reason I'm blogging today is to show of my pressy! Pictured above is a painting done just for little ole me by my good artist friend Dianne Davie. I'm the one in the boots of course and the other figure is an incredibly realistic depiction of the artist herself. Dianne live's in Callington too. Just down the road actually. When we turn up to art events and such around the area people will say....Look, Callington's here! Hence the script.
There is so much to love about this painting.What fun! What true D-Daviness! Have a look at the 'things' we are towing on leashes. They are little (some are not so little) pieces of art work that we have being developing lately. We affectionately call them 'Diangos' after the Japanese word for dumpling 'Dango' ceramic sculptures created by an artist called Jun Kaneko. His are magnificent, majestic structures and they bring in the big bucks. Ours are made of papier mache, are much more affordable and have oodles more personality.It wont be long before they take Australia by storm. Anyone who doesn't own at least one will be considered a nobody!
You just have to love 'em!