Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mt Carmel XP 250mile 5 day endurance ride 2012

 The transmission in our truck died on the way back from Nevada so i couldn't transport Kipling to this ride. It just so happened, my good friend and super endurance gal, Kerry Greear was taking a spare horse in the hope she my get someone to ride him at least a couple of days. Perfect. A couple of days ended up being five thanks to our diligent adherence to the careful plan  devised by Kerry. We took the first 3 days very slow and careful and started to move them up on day four leading to a regular 50 mile endurance ride pace on day five. We top tenned the last day but the real win was having two very healthy looking horses at the end of 250 mile. Kerry really knows how to make a plan and stick to it. Thanks Kerry, I enjoyed it immensely and owe it all to you and Little Joe Too.

Oh and we rode the whole five days in Easyboot glue-ons. We each lost a front right on day four but Dave Rabe came to the rescue and fixed that for us.(Dave is always helping people at rides and we al love him!) Apparently a little dirt got in during application so we carried some spare easy boot glove in case the same thing had happened to the others. We didn't need them however as all boots 'stuck like glue' for the rest of the ride.

Nevada trip in April

Nevada trip to our property in Smith Valley April 2012.Three week working vacation.
Pic 1 Ricky Canyon only about 4-5 miles from our place. We also have Red and  Burbank Canyons right out the back of the house. I rode Kipling about 200 miles in the three weeks we were in Smith Valley. It was wonderful..of course!
Pic 2 Our property is right at the end of this road. Great cosy spot nestled at the base of the Pinenut Ranges. Our back yard is hundreds of miles of BLM!
Pic 3 This is Cathy one of  my new riding buddies on her lovely Arabian Yankee. We had a great ride in yet another terrific riding area close to our place.
Pic 4 Kip on fence patrol. He ran constantly for the first couple of days. He settled down only to start again when I took Mernie's mare out for a ride. He's ready for a 100 miler now!
Pic 5 Another new riding buddy and closest neighbor Tracey Wolfe on her Super mule Lupine.
Pic 6 Jim the dry wall king. He did a great job of finishing the 'cubby house' apartment above the garage. Mernie and Jim worked while i shirked!
Pic 7 The cubby house almost finished. See air conditioner for cooling and heating. It's gong to be our little home while we contemplate what to do with 'The Dome'!!