Monday, November 21, 2011


RIP me mate Corm.

We were married for a while but that was a bit silly. With the years and some maturity I have come to realize our relationship was more of a brother and sister thing.A solid ever lasting friendship (Corm, being much brighter than me, figured that out much sooner than I did.)

Steve Cormey, much better known as Cormey passed away peacefully in the place he loved on 19th November. Just last Saturday. I spoke to him on the phone Wednesday and he sounded weak but quietly happy. I made some silly jokes, whinged about the wind in Wyoming and blabbered on while he politely listened and laughed at my nonsense. Somehow, I knew the end was near and could sense the peaceful fading away of this great spirit cherished by so, so many.
To know him was to love him. He touch the hearts of people he never even knew with his music, his smile and the light in his eyes. His talent as a musician, writer and  visual artist was astonishing and yet you'd have been hard stretched to find a more kind and humble human being on the face of the earth. He spent more time praising the talents of those around than giving himself any sort of credit for his own wonderful achievements.
He excelled at giving but failed hopelessly at receiving. He only knew how to give. He enjoyed life to the fullest and graciously accepted responsibility for his downfalls.He never wanted to hurt anyone. He was a good, gentle and kind soul to everyone except himself . He chose to live the rigorous life he lived, knew the consequences and enjoyed his life to the fullest. He was who he was and we all loved him. He filled so many lives with joy and laughter and yes.......broke a few hearts.
Don't feel sad for Cormey, he's at peace now. He did it right! He died with no fuss and bother. He died in his beloved Grand Lake warm and safe in his bed. He died without a long and drawn out suffering and without the need for charity. I really believe this is how he would have chosen to do it. He did it right! Like a painting, its never really finished, just stops in a right place.
Corm's Ok now. My heart goes out to those left behind, particularly his family and of course Shelley. I can't find the words to describe the pain she must be feeling now. Shelley, if you are reading this, please know you are constantly in my thoughts right now and my shoulder, amongst many, is waiting here to try to help you through this. Please don't hesitate to call.  307  399 9435. Be strong my dear!
And Corm, if you are watching and listening, watch over her will you. See the big hole you have left to be filled only so much by your music.
Oh, and thanks for listening to my whinging and turning off the wind for us here in Wyoming!
With Never Ever Dying Love, Ronnie Roo.
Cormey's advice to others....DON'T PAT THE DOG!!!   see video......  may have to cut paste and scroll down for these links...        Love this!