Monday, April 26, 2010

Kenlyn Urban Challenge, Spring 2010

No, this is not at the Kenlyn as I don't have a picture yet. Hey Chris send me a pic will ya. Then i wil lpost some sort of commentary about how it i escaped being snowed in in Laramie and rained out on Saturday in Denver. There's a happy ending though as the ride finally took place under blue skies on Sunday. More to come.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Color Country Hurricane Utah

After being snowed in in Laramie for a week Dorothy Sue, Timbo and I finally got away to this gorgeous ride in the Utahian Desert. I rode DS's mare 'Larka' ( Montana Skylark) on the Friday 55miles, Dandy Fella on Saturday 50 miles and Larka again on Sunday 50miles . Where did we come? Don't know don't care. This is going to be my motto for this season. I just want completions and SOUND horses. I think i might be growing up Mum!

Click the pic with the horse trailer to get an idea of why they call this color country. Thanks for the picture Tracy!

Check out the Pinto Beans foot wear. Renegades. I was impressed!

Dorothy Sue on Montana Flyer and Karl on Bubba. I can't tell you how honored i feel to ride with such wonderful Veteran riders. Good stories too!

Good endurance horses don't care what they have to climb up on to get a well deserved drink!