Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Delivered unidentical twins via neck C section

On Thursday of last week i had my nasty, enlarged thyroid removed. Good rid ens i say! With it were multiple lumps and bumps. The largest being the size of a golf ball and the second in command being something like a walnut.Benign mind you. Hey are they still considered benign when they are getting closer and closer each day to strangling you?) Anyway, no more Thyroid so i am now at the mercy of modern science in the form of one little daily pill. I can do that.
Now I'm just resting up and pottering around the place. Not a bad deal really. I'm actually clean and so is the house and the the cracks in my hands are fading. There is no horse poo under my finger nails, up my nose or in my ears. This is all quite novel. Mernie is out there doing my work as well as his.Poor Bugger! We do have a few good workers helping when they can. Thank goodness! Soon i will put myself back on light duties just to make sure all the horses are getting their extras and see how that goes. Right now, I'm not game to go out as i know i will overdo it!
Thanks to everyone for their wishes and prayers, flowers and pokes of fun. Love you all. And a big thanks to Dr Ullrich and the hospital staff at Ivinson Memorial. How lucky i was to discover such a great surgeon right here under my nose!
May take some time to get up and at it again but  "my pluck is still undaunted and my courage fiery hot!"