Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mules for sale in Nevada

Lovely mules for sale.
Mule team for sale in Nevada.  Pair of molly mules, Susie and Melissa, 16.1 hands, both 10 years old, brown and out of Percheron cross mare.  Mules go as a team, or single, ride and pack.  Mules have been used for farming and pleasure driving.  They have been in a four-up and were part of the 33 mule team at the Best Show in Woodland, Ca in July 2011.  Mules are easy to catch, very friendly, clip and trailer and shoe.  $4000.00 OBO.  Please contact Cub Wolfe at 775-465-9099
(If you are interested we may be able to help you get them here too.Ronnie)

Monday, October 03, 2011

New 100 mile Endurance horse

Meet Kipling my new Endurance horse. Another grey, part Arabian gelding around the same age as Flambeau. I rode this guy in a few rides in 2009 and he did really well.He just flies! This picture was taken at the Shamrock ride in 2009. He hasn't done anything since 2009 and you can add a big belly to the picture if you want to know what he looks like now. We bought him last week and i am starting him on a slow conditioning routine aiming toward him becoming my 100 mile horse. I've promised Mernie I'll stay away from the front runners for a couple of years. I've learned my lesson about running too fast too early and my goal is longevity now. This guy has a great personality abet a little on the arrogant side! You can see that can't you? So now i have a couple of book ends i will be seen to be riding my own horses more next season.