Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, i think one shop is enough at Cafe Press so it
I closed the giddyup shop. I still have a webpage at and it's soon to have a face lift.
I may do a Steve Cormey and blow off the blog for a while too. I don't think anyone's reading it!
Yoo Hoo, anyone out there?!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 and giddyupartworks

Ok, Endurance season is officially over and i'm planning on hibernating in my studio for the winter.(After 2 years of just galloping all over the place). Go to the following links to see the beginnings of my Art Stores. Feed back PLEASE!
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http://www.cafepress/giddyupartworks May need to be cut and pasted. Any of the images can be put onto any of the products. Cheers R
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Monday, November 01, 2010

Moab, Halloween,2010 last ride for the season

Amy Nagler on Manny the Super Mule.....Nice Ass!!

Gary Brown riding his lovely mare Duna. Go Gazza!
Dr Yvette Haeberle lookin' good on Roscoe! Three pics above taken by Karl's Creations.
Nice view aye Larka. Scroll down for more. Click to enlarge.

Last ride of the season and one not to be missed! Even if you do have to spend 3 extra hours crawling through ice packed roads to get there! The trick is to go a week early and take in a vacation in Moab at the same time. This year i had the LQ. I have an entry for this time last year when Chris and i braved sleeping in the back of the stock trailer 'IN THE SNOW!!!!'( Nov 3rd 2009 archives)
This year I went with Jeanette Flaig and Amy Nagler and their equine partners Marty, and Manny the Mule. We all did LD's. Them because their equines are new to the game and me because I'm sort of running on one cylinder right now. Flambeau and i had a wreck the first day (of course we did!) Unlike me he's had an easy season and is revved up to go. At one point i tried to slow him down by pointing him into a large boulder.Instead of slowing down he climbed up on top of the boulder and fell off the other side catapulting me over his ears. He left a couple of little caterpillars of knee hair on the rock but was otherwise fine. I gathered a few 'I'm lucky to be here' bruises and continued and finished all three days. One on Flambeau and two on Dorothy Sue's mare Larka (Montana Skylark).
The Halloween costumes on the final day were hilarious! Our group were butterflies and naturalists except for Amy who rode with 'NICE ASS' written with white cattle marker across her mule's butt! That mule rocks! Jeanette's Polish Arabian Marty did really well too. Just took the whole thing in his big beautiful stride.
Yep, this ride is one not to miss. Manager Sheri Griffith sure knows how to run an endurance ride and knows how to encourage good horsemanship and care of our equines while providing the means for us all to have a fantastic riding experience. Thanks Sheri, your vets and volunteers. See you next year........hopefully a week early!!
Oh and I came home with 2 free Renegade hoof boots! I'm sure you'll hear more about this in blogs to come!

Susie Basham from Cheyenne. Oh i love riding with Susie!

Meanwhile back at the ranch..... Chris and Daisy knocked 'em dead at the Halloween schooling show at the Hansen Arena in West Laramie. Steph did really well with Bud.....something about first prize i hear! And Marjorie Daley bought home some placings too. Most importantly, they all had a great time with no injuries. Much smarter than yours truly. Oh well!