Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ft Mead Re Mount, Sturgis SD

Kerry Greear and her super family and friends put on a fabulous ride in the Ft Meade Recreation area this week end. They are super organized have lot of smiling volunteers and are a hoot to boot!The kids are fantastic and constantly asking if they can help you in anyway. AND they have special magic. Some of them whispered something in my horses ear to make him drink!! Now that's a handy talent to have.
Bonnie Swiatek (BC on second day) and beautiful Marlina in background. Both are on horses called Sky Lark!! I travelled with Bonnie in her trailer and we had a great time.She's quite a gal.
Marlina is from Germany and has been staying with Dorothy Sue and ridin' her pants off. They completed the Big horn one hundred together a few week ago. We are really going to miss her when she leaves. Her presence is like a breath of fresh air.
Can I open my eyes now Mom? See below Sheri going in!
Would you go in there?
Ride Manager of Moab ride and all round lovely lady Sheri Griffith entering the 'dark hole!'
One of the best parts of these rides is getting to know people and having wonderful conversations about all things horsey. It was Sheri's birthday and i got to spend most of it with her in this piece of paradise. How old is she? My lips are sealed. As another new friend Eric put it, she's plenty 9!
Dorothy Sue's Dandy Fella.This horse really turns heads!
Both horses did really well in spite of heat being in the mid 90's. We spent a lot of time drenching them at the many water tanks along the way. Flambeau wanted me to carry him up the big mountain on the final loop but i compromised by leading him. Both Sheri and i did some coaxing with snacks of grass all the way up. It was a long way and i'm sorry i didn't snatch a pic of the breath taking view at the top.
A big hanks to Kerry and all her crew for a memorable experience. We love you all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kipling, Shamrock and Big Horn

Hello, I'm Kipling. Anyone in there? Got a carrot?
Here's Kip coming home from the Big Horn 55 in my painted trailer. Looks like Flambeau doesn't he? I refer to them as book ends!
Chris Compton's Kipling above at the Big Horn 55 mile and below at Shamrock. He did us proud at both rides. His first two ever! More commentary to come.
I'm Kipling and I'm the greatest!!!

The only thing better than the trail is grass and there's grass on the trail so what are we waiting for. Let's GO!!