Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Blizzard and Resolutions

Time to contemplate the New year. As you can see from the top picture here taken from our back door, the first couple of days into 2011 gave us blizzard conditions here on the ranch. Mernie is currently outside moving snow. Not snow which has fallen, but snow blown in from elsewhere. They didn't want it either! Our well went out on New Year's day and the  pumped stopped leaving 64 equines, three people and a fat barn cat without water.Lots of ice, but no water. Mern had to haul in water from Rod and Beth's place over the road to tide us over until the water situation was fixed. All is 'well' now but it's still cold. See the picture below. If you can make this bigger you will see the thermometer has no mercury. It's down as far as it can go.Well below freezing.
As for NY resolutions, yes i have given it some thought. I think this will be a year of change. Or at least the beginning of some changes. I want to revive my studio practice and have started already with new media and style ( see ) . I want to slow down, do more yoga and meditation, read more and talk less. I'd like to spend more time with Mernie and start planning the rest of our lives together. We are approaching retirement. Whatever that means! I think 2011 being the beginning of a new decade, will see changes or new beginnigs for many of us. I know they'll be good ones. Happy New Year. Ronnie