Friday, February 25, 2011

This weeks's OAS featured horse.

Big ole gentle giant. Myles, owned by Marjorie Daley.Click to enlarge.
For this week's featured equines go to  or click on painting of Arabian horse down and to the right. 
Thanks Dawn!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

where to get my prints
contact me for originals

How long do you persevere with a project? I have this site out there to sell my artwork and seem to be flogging a dead horse.Pun! To me it seems just perfect but i don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.( To go to this site from here scroll down to see the links,cafepress). I have prints and mouse pads and cards then a link to my other cafepress site that has all kinds of other stuff. I have to say i thought it would go better than this. Should i just stick at it or go in another direction.I welcome any ideas and feedback. Just a little bummed i suppose. To get to my 'artwork in progress' site go down and find the image like the one above and click on that.
Cheers for now Ronnie.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bloody cold

The top picture is of the temperature this morning. The last time i saw F and C degrees come together like this was when i first arrive in the USA. I came from 104 F in Adelaide Australia to 42 below in Fraser, Co. This place was once considered 'Ice Box of Colorado until contested. I guess there's always somewhere hotter or colder than where you are! Click on images to see better. The pic at the bottom was yesterday and we don't know by that how cold it was as the mercury on the thermometer had disappeared! It hasn't been above 0 since Monday!