Monday, September 28, 2009

Kenlyn, Fall 09

Here I am aboard the Silver Bullet, Kipling followed close behind by Joe, the Junior i was sponsoring. Joe's only 14 so legally he needs a sponsor but in reality he can ride the pants off of any of us! I love Linda Fisher's ride 'The Kenlyn Urban Challenge'. It is held twice per year in May and in September and i try to get to both events. Kip was in fine form and ploughed gallantly through all the monsters lurking in the city to win the 50 mile. Joe and i decided to tie for first and Joe's horse Scooter also earned the best condition award. That was one happy kid. Well deserved!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rushcreek Reunion, Lisco, Nebraska

If i could only do one ride per season it would be this one! I've always loved it but the new base camp makes it even better. The trail was sooooooo well marked even i didn't get lost.I'd say they even got somewhat carried away with those ribbons!

This was the our 'cheap and much appreciated help', Chris Compton's first 25 mile and she had a fantastic time on her graffitied horse Kipling. She came in 9th so top tenned it! She beat me too. That's a wine glass symbol painted there under the numbers. It was her birthday week end so the festive motif was most appropriate! I wont say how old she turned but i will tell you her age is the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything!
Now there's a happy little boithday gal!
And here's me trying to wear 'The Silver Bullet' Kipling out on a 50 miler the day before. Fat Chance!! Came in Second!
Oh I'm Soooooo pleased with myself and that wacko silver bullet!!!
(Timbo in the background engrossed in his camera!)
Thank you Lyle, Teressa and Rush Creek Land and Livestock for a great time had by all.
Just ask Tim!!