Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moab Canyon Endurance ride

So much for sunny Moab. Last year heat was the problem. This year the times were fast. horses love the cold. Not so much us humans. Yes Chris and i slept in the stock trailer. Brrrrrr!
It was Halloween. Chris took shots for me as i mascaraed as sleeping beauty back in the trailer.See here Bonnie Swiatek in Pepto bismol pink with Sheik John. His wife Beth was off belly dancing somewhere!
Chris the 'cheap and much appreciated help', was supposed to ride Kip on Friday but as he was lame she got to take a jaunt on this spunky little Morgan stallion instead. As happy as a pig in Poop!
(an aside)I guess MJ and i were the only ones brave enough to poke at the Cormous. We both agree it was fun while it lasted. Thanks MJ.Yes this is the Silver Bullet!
Now back to the Equines for a while.

Last Endurance Ride for the season.
We might have missed the storm in Laramie but it was bloody cold even in Moab. Note the layers of clothing.
The silver bullet flew for the first 25 miles. We took a wrong turn at one stage so it was more like 32 miles. Unfortunately he came up lame and we pulled him at the vet stop. He was going sooooo well but this is something in his right leg we have been seeing for a while and hopefully now we can get it fixed. Luckily the Dorothy Sue's pinto was there so i put the remaining 100 miles on him.I love riding with Dorothy sue and flyer and Kerry Greear was there too making for a really fabulous time. We truly were in 'John Wayne' country riding through red dirt, sand, towering fins and balancing rocks under a deep blue sky. Next year we plan on going early and doing some extra sight seeing around the area. R