Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Jack ER 2011

Great Ride!
 Our local ride, Happy Jack up in the scenic mountains just above where we live and have our boarding stable in Laramie, Wyoming is always a blast. I love helping out as much as i like riding ( well almost!)but this year there was a lot of help as it was Bob Atherton's last year as manager and the Haeberle family was weaning their way in to take over next year when I'm sure they will work my butt hard!
  I rode Flambeau on the 50 the first day and we came in on a wing and a prayer. He was pooped on loop 3 where we were passed and beaten by a little girl in running shoes! My friend Leeda rode the 25 on Larka and i rode Larka on a 25 on Sunday sharing a good part of the trail with 'the Fisher gang' which is always a blast. That was 50 miles for Larka in her hardy bare feet!
There was an accident early on Saturday  and a shameful 'race in' through the vetting in the afternoon but otherwise a fairly uneventful week end.
Oh i did get stung by a horse fly that entered my shirt and made I everyone on the trail stop while i stripped and danced. Always happy to provide a bit of free entertainment on the trail.
Photos by Karl Creations. Click to enlarge.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on Twitter

Hmm! So far I've landed in the middle of someone's heated relationship argument and received a couple of sales pitches. Is this just a new way to get and give junk mail! ?
Maybe its just for Twits!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Head and Shoulders ..and 'Other Things' Shampoo ! Re Tweet

R: Tweet Aug 10
A friend I was talking to at an endurance ride mentioned how effective Head and Shoulders Shampoo was for removing the crud  that builds  up infront of a gelding's sheath because he doesn't let down when peeing. My gelding Flambeau is a prime example of  one with this dirty habit  and I have to scub the area to get it clean. Of course I went straight out and got some Head and shoulders shampoo and was amazed at how easily the crude came off. That night while showering I happen to notice a bottle the same shape but with Equate as the name. On closer inspection it turns out to be the generic, and half the price version of Head and Shoulders. So there you have it! We get the brand name for our horses and let the husband do with the cheaper generic form. Typical!
But now i'm wondering.... does he have the same problem?