Sunday, May 21, 2006

our house in Callington

This is our house for sale in Callington.................only joking!! Please scroll down.

more pictures of property for sale

The Gazebo is a great place to spent a quiet afternoon relaxing with friends. Or a rowdy one depending on the friends!
Don't forget you can click on the images to enlarge them .
Outdoor 'living area' where we spend a lot of time.With the bbq there under the porch we don't need to cook inside a lot of the time, summer or winter. Less mess and dishes!
This is the sleep-out that has served as an art studio, a bathroom, guestroom, a meditation room, a store room and is now my writing and drawing studio. It's a 'working mess' inside so I was too embassassed to show it. It's very cosy and heats up easily with the smallest heater.A lovely warm, sunny place in the winter and a cool place in the summer where you can feel like your outside but can lock out the mozzies.
Chooks in one of three chicken runs on the property. You could have fifty chooks here if you so desired. That pepper tree was a tiny sappling a couple of years ago. Must be the fertilizer!
Stable two. It has a good size yard in front of it.
Stable one.(With Forrest) The door at the back leads into the tack room. Both stables have feed bins that can be fed into from the tack room.

more pictures of our home amongst the gum trees

One of the bedrooms.There is another much larger one that was originally designed to be two rooms but was never divided. I'll try to get a picture of it later.
Large open living area.
Side of the house with double garage that served as an art studio, gallery and workshop among other things.
Fonz and Forrest in the bottom paddock.
Mernie and Fonzie in the top paddock.
Fonzie showing off in the low part of one of the paddocks.
Top part of one of the paddocks.
Scroll down for more and a commentary. Please check in later on as I plan to add more pictures as I get them.

Home Amongst the Gum Trees for sale

From the back paddock.

From the front.

A little background

After leaving the our ranch in the US in 2002 we came to Prospect SA to look after my Dad.We are not city people by any stretch so we soon started to look for a rural property still close enough for Mernie to commute to Adelaide each day and yet affordable enough for a couple on one full and one rather iffy income.We found the prefect place . A spacious, comfortable and extremely functional home on 4.2 acres and still only about 45minutes from the city.It had lots of outbuildings including stables, tack room and sheds for hay. We bought it and it wasn't long before this couple grew into a family of 2 horses, 15 chooks and 8 ducks.
A litttle about the place: It has an orchard of about 20 fruit trees and plenty of room to grow herbs and veggies.We had plans to do all kinds of fancy things to the house but found the riding places around Callington too irresistable. I guess you could say we got a little distracted! Anyhow the place is very livable just the way it is.
Between Callington and Monato are strips of forested and scrubby areas where the SA endurance riders hold regular events ( they just had a 160 km of international standing there). We were in heaven. We are into 'barefooting' our horses so we found the terrain that nice mix of rock, dirt and grass to ease and toughen their tooties.
Oh, but I'm supposed to be writing about the house. We are outdoorsy types so we never spend a great deal of time indoors. What I like best about this place is the backyard 'living' area. There is a cosy alcove for eating and entertaining and a private backyard and garden to spread out into. We often sit around our brazier enjoying a drink and a good ole chin wag.There is also an indoor stove fire that gets pretty cosy on a cold winter's night.
And in Summer the house stays comfortably cool. Providing you close it up during the day and throw the windows open at night you'll stay as cool as a cucumber .We have never felt the need to purchase an airconditioner.
The Community here is wonderful. The town is quaint ...."it's a pub and general store, what's the use of any more...") Actually there is more. We have an amasing French cafe retreat called Lavande. Check it out and a world class Tuscan restaurant down the road in Kanmantoo.And you can even take part in our belly dancing classes across the road every Wednesday night if you like that kind of thing!
So sadly we need to sell up and return to the USA to take care of business. If there was a way we could hang on to this property we would but our finances at present don't allow it.We do plan to return in a few years and who knows, maybe it will come up for sale again!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


The boys at Bundaleer waiting to be let loose on all that grass! Scroll down to see where two leggeds live! Gorgeous!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

North Bundaleer

This is North Bundaleer Homestead! If anyone wants to treat themselves to a piece of heaven this is the place.( We took our horses here on Tuesday to be taken care of for a couple of years in our absence. They are out the back on hundreds of acres of lush pasture, so they too are in their own little piece of heaven.We have our wonderful friends Graham and Biddie at Bundaleer Stud to thank for putting us onto these people. Marianne and Malcolm, the hosts at North Bundaleer are so lovely. Extremely warm and welcoming.Gosh, it seems as if good people just grow wild in this part of the country!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the boys off to camp

Our boys will be off to North Bundaleer Station next week.

They will be taken care of by the owners of this plush B@ B retreat for a couple of year while we are in the States. We are going to miss our wonderful laid back neddies soooooooooooooo much!

Here they are doing what they like best!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

sexy chicken

Latest commission for Sarah Filmer, Intimo Lingerie Consultant.
18 x 12 inches Acrylic on canvas.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Adaptable artwork

The cricketers have been changed to golfers for the Community Lifestyle crew. Sort of a mini mural to go on the putt putt course.

Duraguard paint on tin.

approx. 1m x 60cm