Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kipling....seeya later!

See here Chris's Grey Anglo Arab Kipling, at Rushcreek Arabians in Lisco Nebraska where he is 'out to pasture' for a lameness problem. Not a problem right now it seems! I'm looking forward to hitting the trails on him next year. Great horse........ with just a bit of an attitude!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Kenlyn Urban Challenge, Aurora, Co 2010

Look over there. It's a flasher. oooooo!!
Chris riding Miss Daisy!
See commentary below.
Yours truly riding Kenlyn Rangler. Nice horse. You should have seen him all collected!!!! Lovely!!! And for sale. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with Linda.

Another one of my very favorites for different reasons. It's definitely an 'Urban Challenge'! You get to see EVERYTHING city living has to offer. And i mean everything!! Last year we had a woman lying stretched out on the trail. She wasn't happy about the thundering horses disturbing her nap and and told us so in no uncertain teams.This year we had a happy 'flasher' right on the trail. He was wearing only a t-shirt and holding his shorts in his hand. If you don't believe me ask Lynn Williams. She saw him too. Said "that's disgusting!"
Chris Compton did her super crew act for me and was brilliant as usual. Flambeau got pulled unfortunately with only 7 miles to go but i did the ACTHA ride the following day on Linda Fisher's beautiful gelding Rangler (for sale/comes highly recommended by me) so I guess i got my 50. Chris rode her baby paint filly Daisy on the 7 mile trail and did great! Daisy started off as a non-water crosser but grew webbed feet as the ride progress and it's no longer a problem. They are a great team embarking on a rosy future methinks!
Yvette Haeberle and Susie Schomberg hit the dust but are OK abet a little sore. Those girls are tough cookies!
Last ride for the season will be next, Moab Canyons! Yeehah!