Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moab Canyon Endurance Ride 2013, The Ride according to Kip

See me here with my cutie Duna in the background. She worships the ground I trot on. As well it should be!

The trip to the ride was uneventful probably because uncle Gary was driving and I was happy in the back snuggling up to the cutie Duna giving me no reason to cause the usual havoc. When we arrived, the monkeys did their usually scurrying around setting up corrals etc while a big ole hot air balloon hovered above. I told all the horses to 'RUN FOR YOUR LIVES' but noone fell for it.Dang. I'm losing my touch. Spoil sports! 
The weather was lovely and all the monkeys were happy, smiling and having a good time which is always good for us coz they have more energy to bring us buckets of goodies with enthusiasm.
Even  'I' was pretty well behaved. Well, for a good part of the time anyway. I just had to bump on one of the innocent by standers right at the end. I had enough of waiting for Duna's pulse to go down. I wish i could have got it through to the monkeys that Duna's pulse was so high because she's so totally in love with me and that just makes her heart go crazy. The monkeys wouldn't listen anyway. I had to carry my monkey up all the hills as well as tail Uncle Gary AND my lovely Duna. No worries! 
Patrick was there and we ran together with that foxy Vixen and her monkey Jimmy the Greek. Patrick's monkey kept yelling at me to slow down. I do as she says coz she's a nice monkey and gives me treats at the Vet stops when my monkey FORGETS to pack them.GRrrr!  Patrick and I did have a bit of fun talking to the classy mare at Global Endurance. She said she wanted to have a go at the 'lose the monkey' game she'd heard about. We gave her lots of ideas. Some of Patrick's ideas were pretty lame but i had some good ones. Only trouble is, she wasn't listening! I told her to run and buck several times and aim the monkey at something solid like a sign; preferable near the edge of a cliff. What does she do? She chooses a dinky little 'Caution Horses' sign that wouldn't hurt a fly. She lost the monkey alright but no sooner was he back on board like nothing happen. Geeez!And she's not even a palomino!
Now that grey mare of the monkey called Lydia has real brains! Get this. I wouldn't have even thought of this one.( Well maybe) On the LD first day her monkey gets off to squat and pee. That grey mare 'accidently' gives her a little bump and knocks her bum first into a cactus patch!! Brilliant! She gets my vote for brains of the year! See here a pic of Aunty Bon working on that bum for hours. 
Well, we completed all three days and had a great time. They say its the last time this ride will be held. I suggested that we the horses take over from the monkeys but apparently the aerc wont give us points for that. Silly bloody monkeys. Till next time
Trails and bales! Kipling.
 Uncle Gary with the strange object!
 Uncle Gary lookin' good!
 See that fire comin' out of my bum. I am the greatest!!
 John Wayne country!
 My ears!
So I told him, the monkeys need leadership. Always make the wrong thing easy and the right thing difficult. It takes lots of repetition............
Oh this was precious! Aunty Bonnie worked for hours on this.