Friday, August 17, 2012

Three good horses


Here are the horses i mentioned in the OAS newsletter looking for new homes. I'm only looking to sell them to anyone serious about giving them lots of love, care and PURPOSE. We will include a buy back clause to ensure they wont end up unwanted and neglected.
 Lucky Girl, 1988 Registered Quarter Horse mare.approx 14.2 hh She is sound and still has a lot of go. Very healthy in good condition and has never been sick.Fantastic trail horse, doesn't spook, nice fast, smooth trot, loads, good for the farrier,sure-footed, rock hard feet that don't need shoes,has  never been shod.  Current with all shots, easy keeper, could work cows be a  4H project, has been used for the UW Equestrian Team. Goes English or Western.Would work for a child providing they know what they are doing as she is sensitive and forward moving.Very eager to please and get the job done. We are willing to give her away to the right home where she will be cared for well.
 Flamboyant Beau (Flambeau) 15 hh flea bitten grey Quarterhorse/Arabian (papered). I'm only interested in selling this one to someone i will be able to keep in touch with and who will give him lots of purpose. He is a fantastic all round horse. Has done over 1000 endurance/LD miles and now needs to be looking for something new and down tempo while he is still strong and sound. He tends to 'overdo it' when wound up in racing mode. Without his adrenaline up he is a very well trained and responsive mount. He collects, moves off your leg well, backs up well , jumps nicely, side passes, opens gates, drags objects and is learning new moves all the time. I would love to see him do competitive trail, herd cattle or do Western or English events. He is flashy, has been ridden in all kinds of situations including high traffic, close to trains, through tunnels under highways, under I- 25 in Denver, goes through water, swims, crosses tarps (not his favorite) dogs no problem, ponies other horses (even the obnoxious ones) without fuss. He is affectionate, smart, strong and playful in the pasture.Fifteen Hundred Dollars not negotiable.
 I love him and actually if he doesn't sell that's OK with me. I will find a way to work him into my schedule.
Angel's Grace, 10-12 years, Bashkir Curly, 14.1 hands, Pinto mare. Presently being leased but we need to sell her to cut back on our herd. (Darn!) Great, tough little mare who could do just about anything giving the chance. She is very quiet but does likes to go, has rock crushing hooves that don't need to be shod, loves the trail, is about as spook proof as they come, very affectionate, an easy keeper, healthy, vaccinations kept up date. Was used and loved by the UW equestrian team. Talented jumper, eats up the trail, no problem with dogs and traffic. Great kids horse providing they can ride well as she will try you out! Has dread lock mane and tail and very cool curly ringlets around her fetlocks. A head turner for sure. We have offered her to the people leasing her but if they turn her down she's yours for fifteen hundred. She is a cribber but fine in a collar or if kept working and has a consistent job. I'm sure she could do endurance or competitive trail if conditioned correctly too!
Too late......SOLD to Ky Ritchie!