Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Crockett clogging to The Wyoming Wind!Yee Hah! See the aspens behind. Ride camp was set in a meadow surrounded by aspen groves! Truly beautiful!

Taylor Fisher with one of her awards. See Cheyenne there in front with the 'Cousin It' hairdo!!
Gracie our Curly Pinto!
Flambeau on the 50 first day. Photo by Pascal Karl or Karl's creations. ( Any blurriness is due to my rotten scanner!)
I Know You Rider Endurance Ride held on spectacular Forest and BLM land near Mountain View, Wyoming is another ride not to be missed for great fun and magnificent scenery. This is the first time this ride has been put on and it went exceptionally well thanks to Beth and John Buzis, volunteers and Vets. The bugs were bad but they are everywhere right now due to so much moisture so it's a matter of lathering up with bug spray, covering up and keeping on the move! Now i know what the Aussie expression "No flys on me mate!" really means). I made a niffty and very effective fly slapper from a crop and a bunch of leather strips. Flambeau is quite used to being whacked about the head (LOL only joking) and I'm sure really appreciated the beating!
I got there early and helped to set up and mark trail. My special job was to hide bears in the woods! Tie dyed beanie bears in keeping with the 60's tie dye theme of the ride which was named after a song by the Grateful Dead. There was a lively foot stompin' blue grass band call The Wyoming Wind on Saturday night. They really added a festive feel to an already up-beat week-end and we were graced with a performance of clogging and jigging by none other than Crockett Dumas!
The kids had a ball galloping around ( and even changing leads) on their stick ponies and splashing about in the water troughs.(Gotta love a sport that has everything for ages 4 - 80 and beyond)
We did have a couple of potential disasters that were thankfully averted. Gracie our Curlie Pinto that I brought along only as a companion for Flambeau and to maybe ride the fun ride on choked badly on a packer cube on Thursday evening and had to be trailered 20 miles to Dr Ben Osbourne's clinic in Ft Bridger. His partner worked on her for almost 3hrs to get her unblocked. A lovely man and dedicated vet who was, I'm certain, dragged away from a social event to attend to this. I am soooooo grateful! And to Beth also who in the middle of managing the huge event, chose to come along. Gracie is fine now thanks to these dedicated souls.
On Friday, John's big beautiful Paint Conan managed somehow to get his halter wedged into his rear shoe (yes go figure that one ) and then cast himself against the trailer. Little me and little Beth rolled him over thanks to Mernie educating me on a trick to do this some weeks before. Other than a few scrapes Conan it doing fine also. In fact I had a super time on him Monday helping to take down ribbons with Beth. Yes I got to ride up the pipeline again!
Great Ride guys! Especially for the first time ever. Imagine how great it will be next year! See you there where I can ride up to you and say," Hey,  .........   I know You Rider!"
Peace!!! R

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Shamrock 2011

Shamrock 3 day Pioneer, really hard to beat for pure enjoyment with the works.
See here yours truly on Montana Skylark (Larka) on the first day 55 mile.

An excellent week end! The first day was great on Larka and the second day I rode Maximilian Mule and the third day Larka again.
Mule and sunset photo by Cheryl Winters. Big Thanks.

ding the super mule Max on his first LD ever was sooooooo much fun. I rode with Martha De Rio and Amy Nager. We really booked along on the first lap but had to pedal hard on the last lap in the heat. All finished well.
Shamrock is one of the best rides in the region for fun, beauty, good food and hospitality plus. Not to be missed!

Photo by Karl's Creations. I don't bother even taking a camera when the Karls are at a ride. Love their work!