Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dorsey Creek, Otto, Wy

Montana Skylark (Larka) Super Mare got a perfect vet score the second day.( Photo by Ross Tolman)
Love the Tolman rides!!!! The Tolman's are the ones who run several rides up in the Big Horn area including the Big Horn 100. They are super friendly, well planned and affordable rides. The Dorsey Creek ride is held in the 'badlands' around Otto, Wyoming very close to where the Tolmans live.
I drove our rig with

three horses ( Desi for Dorothy Sue, Gunny for a boarder Jill Kristensen to pick up and of course  Montana Skylark( Larka) for me to ride 100 miles) on Thursday and spent a leisurely day on Friday riding DS Desperado (Desi) around the badlands and napping in the afternoon. The only other Larrikin there was Bonnie S who came with Don. Don Golfed while Bonnie rode like the wind as usual! Us Larrikins did very well!! Others were not so lucky. Mary R fell and broke a wrist and Vicky W fell and knock her head but is thankfully OK.The horses went whoopy all over the badlands before they were caught.
The second day was windy so the horses were all a little stir crazy. The best thing is ... THE RAIN held off. No trudging and sliding sideways through wet bentonite. Nothing worse!! I rode with Beth on her fantastic Phantom the second day and had a great time. Got to catch up( and make silly bird calls )with a good friend. Rode a good part of the way with Sue Lyke the first day so got to catch up and have fun with two good friends! This is what it is all about.Or should be methinks. Sometimes the rides are not what you would call enjoyable so we describe them more as adventurous instead. This is OK, but sometimes we forget the importance of enjoyment. This week end was pure enjoyment! Tim French marked the trail magnificently so i didn't get lost( getting lost is hardly enjoyable) and i got to spend some time with him taking down trail and going for a ride on Monday.More catching up with a good friend .We laughed at the tracks the runaway horses left the day before. Holy Cow!! Some tracks went straight up and down places you wouldn't dare to ride. Crazy animals!!
Next ride is Shamrock on July 4th week end, then the Bighorn 100 on July 16 th. Gosh has it been a year since i camped out up on the mountain in the dark. Guess so!
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Cheers R

Sunday, June 05, 2011

dome house pictures

Dome house from the outside. Fenced yard, big deck, some landscaping. Sort of cute. Total disaster inside!
Double garage with loft  (to be apartment) above. In great condition. Upstairs will be the living space while we work on the Dome.
Upstairs inside the dome. Smells marginally better now the carpet has been ripped out.
The loft apartment. This will be really neat once it is insulated, dry walled, has floor covering and furnished.Right now it makes an ideal camping spot! See below
OMG what's that living in there?
Now for the BEST. This is our back yard. The property of 5 acres backs up to BLM land with lots of riding trails right out our back door! We are surrounded by lovely horse friendly neighbors like Jim and Georgia Kinninger who loaned me their handsome TWH, Boojoe (phonetic Sp?) to go tour the area. At the back is Jim on his TWH Blue, an equally handsome blue roan.As you can see I'm in Heaven!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Maximillian Mule

Got Maximilian in training for a 100 mule endurance ride somewhere. Piece of cake for a mule.(Although he's prefer a carrot). Nothin' like a good mule.Well here's one and he has a good mule buddy called Emanuel Notoriass. Amy Nagler, super mule girl has not one, but TWO good mules here at OAS. You may not know when you've got yourself a good mule but you'll sure as 'ell know when you've got a bad ass one.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Still here Nevada somewhere in the future

Almost looks like life just stopped after the Ozark. Well it was an event hard to top! But yes I'm still here doing this and that and a few other things. Sometimes ( actually a lot of times) its difficult to sit down and write a blog after a hard day on the ranch. It can and will happen though.
Life is good here. No traveling with horses due to an outbreak of a deadly disease spreading throughout the states. We are staying put until we know its contained. It's just not worth the risk when you have 70 + equines under your professional care.
The big news is we have purchased a property in Wellington, Nevada. This 5 acre former horse boarding facility  sits in a little oasis surrounded by mountains and settled sparsely by equine friendly folks. The house itself is a total disaster so only working vacations are being planned for now. It will be a while until we move there. I've asked Mernie to send over a picture from his file but that may take 'a while' also so stay tuned. Ronnie.
Oh and it's less than 100 miles from the Tevis!!