Friday, September 27, 2013

The World According to Kip, National Championships, City of Rocks, ID 2013

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Vettec National Championships 2013 , City of Rocks, Almo Idaho.

The World According to Kip

So off we go to the National Championships! Yay! Didn't get to go to the Basin Pioneer Ride last month due to an annoying little but very nasty rope burn on my foot! Monkey's fault of course! She took Subha (the little floozy) who only did half of what i could have done but was, I've been told, very well behaved. Yuk! Makes me want to puke!!!
Got a good start on the Thursday before the ride, travellin' along nicely then BANG, turn around and back home. What the...! Something of unknown origin smashed out the back window and really shook up the monkey! Fixed and on our way again. Travelling alone in the back sucks (and i made that known of course) but before long we were pulling into Aunty Beth's and Uncle John's place in Evanston for an overnight stay with my buddy Phantom and is herd. Thought maybe Patrick would be there too Patrick. So i just had to pace all night and give that monkey a well deserved ulcer.
Next morning we left late again due to ANOTHER drama regarding trailer wiring or something. Those monkeys really have a hard time getting it right! Got going around 10 am and now I'm with my buddy Phantom so all is right with the world. Not perfect mind you, as Patrick.
Arrived in camp around 4 pm. Nice place. Lots of horses coming in off the 50 mile ride. Some looked pretty tried. Whooses!
Saturday was a day off. The monkeys seemed to like that and i have to admit, it mellowed them out a bit but personally I'd rather get out there on the trail. I heard from one of the whoosy 50 milers there was lots of grass out there. I got excited! Tomorrow i get to do my two favorite things in the whole wild world..... run and eat! And for 100 fantastic miles Yay!!!! 
I didn't see the monkey until about 10 am on Saturday and when i did she looked awful. One of those migraines again i bet. She must have got rid of it cuz she took us both for a walk in the afternoon. There was a lot of grass even in ride camp and I taught Phantom how to play one of my favorite games called 'stretch the monkey'.He agreed it was a lot of fun.

Aunty Beth showed up a little later in her little green Beemer car. Green is my favorite color. I wonder why? 
We had a good restful night. Still no Patrick but I had Phantom there right next to me and it turns out he has some really intelligence things to say.
Next morning i got a little worried about the start time. At the Big Horn we would have been into the ride by 2 1/2 hours. I thought maybe it was cancelled and got really worried. But 6.30 am came an we we off and well...not really racing. The monkey has turned into a bit of a whoos too. She doesn't want me to go lame she says. I say to hell with it. I have four legs don't I! I could hop along on just one if I really had to. Anyway, the Vet monkeys would never go for that so I'd better do as I'm told. Puke! 
Speaking of puking i had to feel sorry for Aunty Beth, Phantom's monkey as she was a punky monkey for the entire ride. I knew my monkey wouldn't leave her so i taught Phantom to walk really fast and to grab at the salad bar without stopping. It saved us lots of time and we ended up enjoying a 100 mile picnic while the monkey's, sick and well, ooooed and ahhed at the scenery. Which was pretty cool I'd have to admit. The sick monkey was entertaining us by describing some really weird things that weren't even there....... da da da da da da da da! 
There was a nice big monkey at the vet stops who gave us some really yummy mash but nothing compared to the scrumptious salads on the trail.That was Uncle John. Thanks Uncle John.You are a good monkey!
And now we are CHAMPIONS! We completed our picnic ride championship in 18 hours and 35 minutes. I suggested we break loose and go back to snack some more at the salad bars but Phantom had had enough so I did as i was told and went back to the trailer. Puke! Got lots to tell Patrick. By the way where is Patrick?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Elk Creek Pioneer 3 days LD on Subha

Kip couldn't go to th Elk Preek Pioneer this time around so once again 'the toy' stood in for him and she rocked! This is her first season doing endurance so we are still taking it easy. She completed 85 miles in the scorching desert of Northern Wyoming.Low 90's all three days. 35miles/25/25 and looking great. She was a very good girl in camp. No getting agitated or going through fences and running amok. Yes, sorry to say it Kip, but you were truly conspicuous by your absence.
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