Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Hills 50 mile, Otto Wyoming Aug 28th

Haven't been able to get to this ride as it's usually held in the Spring and i get snowed in this end. Well this year mother nature did a number on them at their end (up North West of the state )and it got canceled.However it was rescheduled for this week end so i got to go. I just drove up in my little car as Dorothy Sue lives close by in Powell and i rode her Pinto Dandy Fella again. Love that horse! It was hot but the footing was great! No rain until after the ride so no bentonite mud to slip and slide in. Yay! Sort of warm so i ended up with a weird heat rash on my leg. Saw a rattler REAL close (almost ran right over it) and a funny little thorny toad reptile. Rode through the spectacular bad land country in constant awe! Sort of a stark beauty. Not many riders but a lovely laid back, enjoyable time had by those who were there.Recommended ride!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Jack 2010

My Turtle award for Sunday.

Happy Jack is our local ride and it's a good one. This year the weather was perfect. We often get four seasons in one weekend including hail and snow. In August! There were lots of riders. I'm thinking over 60 on Saturday and at least 30 on Sunday. I am in 'easy mode' right now, broken foot and all, so i got to take lots of pictures and goof around a bit. I rode with Mernie on the Sat LD. Flambeau was wound up at the beginning but chilled out pretty quickly when he realized how much grass was to be had for the back runners. I took it even easier on Sunday riding Tim's youngster Trouble (Got A Copy) He did really well with all A's and we even received the coveted Turtle award which this year was...... a big zucchini! See above. BIG thanks to Bob and all his volunteers for putting on an excellent ride yet again.
Sara on Flirt. Great pair. First ride for both them. Actually second. Saturday with Tim and Junior was the first. Now look at them go!
Mernie riding high on Ice. See her ear in the left corner.
Mernie on Ice. Yes i got to ride and complete with my hubby buddy!

Horse and Rider 2010

Goofin' around on the trail!
Joe looking his early morning best!
Bonnie on Baracha (Rocket) only her 4th/ 5th ride done totally barefoot and BC ed 2nd day. What a little ripper!!!!

Gosh i need to catch up on two rides. I thought i'd have plenty of time to do indoor things when i broke my foot but alas i found devious ways to get outside and keep going with what i love best. Riding and horsin' around.
Horse and Rider, Carbondale Co 14th and 15th of August. Went with Bonnie and Joe, my team we call the Borojoes. We had a lovely time though the course was difficult, rocky and at 10,000 + feet. It took most of the allotted time to do it. Bonnie and Joe brought home BC and first prizes and me and my broken foot were thoroughly happy with completions both days on Flambeau and Junior. Thank yous go to Carol with a name i can never pronoun for a great week end.