Saturday, December 28, 2013

We are in Nevada!

Well, we are now living in Smith Valley, Wellington, Nevada. We have 5 acres, a geodesic dome house, and two garages with an apartment above one of them. Mern built the apt with the help of his son Corky and handyman neighbor from Jim M.It is lovely here!! We have four horses on the property: Ice, Kipling, Lucky Girl and Subha. Flambeau is down the road with Jim being test driven( ridden).Jim will spoil him and has already provided him with a cutie little mustang mare. If Jim likes him, we will have four horses on our hay bill. We are technically 20% richer!
The weather is still cool but on average about 10 degrees warmer than Laramie. Lot less wind, although I've heard it can really tie one on from time to time. So far, other than one snow storm, the weather has been delightful. Miss everyone in Laramie but hope to stay in touch. 
Looks like I have enough project material to keep me busy in 2014. Or maybe for the rest of my days!
 Below is the grotty ceiling in the MB. Scrubbing still leaves it stained. I'm thinking Kilz! It actually looks better in the picture due to the flash i think. It's pretty yukky!

The master bedroom in the Dome house. 
So far just lots of vinegar and Simple Green. The walls are still stained with grime and smoke. Carpets have been ripped up and floor scrubbed with bleach several times.
The bathroom ditto but the tiles are in good shape!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Surgery day for Meniscus repair

Had surgery for a torn Meniscus on Tuesday. See me here
in one of those sexy hospital gowns! All went well but i will still be hobbling around for a few weeks. Gotta rest up. Well at least its not riding season.

 The big news is, we are finally moving to Nevada! We have a wonderful couple taking over the daily operations of the ranch so we will be able to take off into the sunset. We have already taken a load of 'stuff' to the Dome and next is the trip with the horses. Stay tuned, more to come.