Friday, March 15, 2013

Three weeks Down Under

Just spent the last three weeks in South Australia laughing my bum off with sister Julie. It was hot and everyone was whinging about that but i thought it was great! As you can see, i picked up an endurance ride. See here me riding Rebecca, a grey Arab/Australian Stock horse cross. Had a fantastic ride and enjoyed the terrific hositality of the SA endurance riders.Got to help set trail and do a little running around in the vetting ring and that was a hoot! Thanks to Bob Masters for taking me, and his friend Dennis for loaning me his lovely mare. Thanks also to Ray and Dianne and their super family for having me in their home.
Oh and as you can see....the Queen was there!
Setting trail for the Mt Gambier endurance ride.No body in this vehicle  seems to knows where we are suppose to be putting the arrows. What a hoot!