Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elk Creek, Basin Wyoming

Did a 50 and a 25 on  Flambeau at Elk Creek in Basin Wyoming. Turtled it both days but ended the week end with a healthy, sound horse. What more could a girl want. Love the Tolman rides. They feed you so much that although I'm a light weight at the beginning, by the time i go home I'm a middle weight. Any more of these rides and I'd be a heavy weight in no time. LOL!!!
(More commentary to come)
Photo by Karl Creations click to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rushcreek Reunions's last ride...or NOT!

Photo by Karl Creation! Mule at sunrise in Nebraska
Maximilian Mule. Photos by Karl Creation.
First day rode the 55 on Flambeau with friend Julie and we managed to turn before we got to the 'emphasized' PIE PLATE designating loop 1. So as it was we did loop 3 backwards. Lovely benevolent management let us go ahead and do the other loops out of order for a completion only which is all we wanted. It worked out well as i managed to take away the best award of all which is of course 'the turtle'. Rushcreek has the best turtles! And i got another complimentary one when i whinged about my turtle from last year falling of his block and breaking to bits. They also gave  the pie plate I (we) missed on day one. Smart farts!! LOL
Oh and a really lovely rope basket from Max Tack for ride three days after a mishap which left me with a bruised ribs and swollen knee. Love a sport where you get an award for being totally nuts!
I rode the Holly Kennedy's Mule, Maximilian, on 30's the other two days and he did great! Love that mule!He now has 90 miles under his ears and is off to a promising career  running with the fancy Arabians. There was another mule called Francis on the trail. I really thought she was beautiful but Max told me later he didn't think much of her because....he said........"she's got big ears!"
Yvette, Sue, Herb, Gary and Dale rode 3 days of 55's and finished with no problem. They did us proud! Dorothy Sue rode her lovely Foxtrotter mare Foxy for the first time in an  LD and did great and Leeda rode Larka ( DS Montana Skylark ) fabulously to a top ten finish and did it again with no hitches on Sunday. Yeehah. Those two make a good team.
It was a really fantastic week end with lots of laughs and good stories to tell. Theresa and Lyle and all their crowd are the most helpful and friendly folks you will find  and we hope they change there mind about making this the last Rushcreek reunion.