Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Home at the Dome

  Yep! We did it again. Go to http://themonkeysknownothing.blogspot.com for more about the Tevis 2015
The Grand kids are horse hounds! YAY!
Halloween neighborhood, Trick or drink!
Callie and Brent visited.
Tried to retire but didn't work. Back at it with a vengence!
Nice renovations to the loft and dome. Still a ton of work to be done. Oh well!

Let's see. How do I keep this short.
   We have been here in Wellington, Nevada for 2 years now and love, love, love it! I'm back in my studio after trying to retire from the art world and am now in three local gallery's. Atsy Fartsy in Carson, East Fork in Gardnerville and The Art House in Yerington!   
  The Brothers Foot, the kiddy's book I illustrated for Steve Cormey, has been republished on Amazon along with Robby the Roo. Go check 'em out.My friend Jen,owner of Bumples Online Interactive Magazine is to thank for that. Go check out Bumples too.We'd love to get some reviews...... hint-hint!
I have also started a wonderful little art group here in the valley. We call ourselves SVAG (Smith Valley Art Group) and comprises of 6 women and one patient gentleman who manages to put up with all our silliness. LOL.This group is probably the best thing i have done so far with my art career!
When I'm not in my studio or riding I do yoga, play guitar,walk and attend a local pistol shooting group. Ladies only! Mernie is having equally as much fun, building, baking, shooting and playing pinochle with the neighbors.We do crosswords together almost every night to keep the grey matter moving. We have no TV as you probably know! Oh, and he too is a yogi and attends a class religiously twice a week.His health is good other than a kidney stone episode and some tooth surgery this year. 
We have only three horses now Kipling (see his blog above) Ice and the old gal Lucky. Lucky will be 28 next year and is still very ridable!Kipling completed the 100 mile Tevis this year again as well as a 75 mile and a 50 mile but bombed out on the VC 100. Monkey error of course and you can read all about it straight from the horse's mouth by going to his blog.
In June I did a fabulous road trip back to the Colorado front range and attended my super good friend Debbie's wedding. She finally found her prince after searching among the frogs. Their wedding was celebrated at a medieval castle in Morison and everyone was is costume. What a time we all had! It would sure be one hard to beat!
I visited so many wonderful friends and took in a workshop with Grand Lake's accomplished water colorist Donna Lyons.What a pleasure!
While I was away had our little Arabian mare Subha was put down. Her lameness was getting worse and she was not a very cooperative patient. She is now at peace.
In October our neighbor and good friend Tom and I started attending pottery class in Yerington.We share the driving every Wednesday evening. I love this new medium!
We see the family more now we are closer to Sacramento. Finley and Zoe are great kids and as a bonus they love horses!! What more could a Nanna and Papa want! 
Mernie's Mom is still with us and under the tender loving care of his son and daughter-in-law Corky and Cindy. She was 90 this year.Alzheimer's has a grip on her but she battles on. Bless her and bless her carers even more.
Well that about as long as I can sit here at the computer so I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and New Year surrounded with love and good cheer.
 from Ronnie and Mernie xx
Oh and remember, life is way too short to spend time vacuuming!