Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bye bye Mernie

Mernie left for the great US of A this morning and will be missed by all here in OZ ;especially by this little black duck. Had a nice little send of last night with a few drinks at the Doggie and deli ( local pub and general store). I took him to the airport at about 8am but it didn't really sink in that he's gone until I came home to this particularly empty house. Of course we'll be together again soon but we don't know how soon. I have to sell the house and vehicles and take care of a few fiddley things first. Bit of a waiting game. In true form, I bet nothing will happen then everything will happen at once and I'll be catapulted out of here and lob in the states thinking now what was that all about?
Mernie has taken the camera so there wont be any piccies for a while unless i figure out a way to get them off of email. Possible? Please stay tuned.
Bloggfully yours, Ronnie.

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