Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here is Rod sucking up flies with the shop vac. Now that's gotta make an Aussie feel right at home. I've never seen so many flies in Laramie.These flies are much better behaved than Aussie flies however. They seldom get in your face unlike the aussie breed that all compete for that juicy little spot in the corner of your eye.See Mernie with a bloody useless can of fly spray. Now wouldn't you think a superpower like the USA would have come up with a fly spray that actually kills flies! While it asphyxiates us, it manages to simple annoy the flies. After Rod had finished his fly round up, they sprayed this stuff down the nozzle to kill the flies incase they might find their way up the hose and out again.Hmmm! Guess what. The next morning the room was full of, you guessed it, FLIES!

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