Monday, October 02, 2006

Manure by any other name is still ****

It was big 'clean up week-end' at the ranch. It was also my birthday week-end and what a way to celebrate turning fifty! The manure has been getting packed down for the passed four years. See above the cheap help and below the help working for board for his big ole belgium draft horse Tiny. You can see a picture of Tiny a few blogs back. Y'know how people look like their dogs, well it works for horses too. Both horse and owner are great big, beautiful, gentle giants.Click on the image to see why when 'Roger' came into the house and sat down with a beer the chair collapsed from underneathe him.
The image of Jackie (above) may be a little blurred as Jackie is a real mover and a shaker.

That is one big pile of **it.

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