Saturday, November 04, 2006

Artwork for sept/oct 2006

Alpha : oil stick (cattle marker) on canvas board, 14 x11" unframed
Beta: oilstick on canvas board, 11"x 14"
Gamma: oil stick on hard paper, approx 20" x 16"

Delta:(two horses) oil stick on hard paper, approx 10" x 12"
Epsilon:(three horses) oil stick on hard paper, 16" x 18"
Some sizes are approximate as I have sent them off to Brenda at Artisan's Gallery to be framed.They willl naturally frame up larger.
Brenda now handles all of my sales. Call her on 1 307 745 3983.( She is a lovely lady and knows her stuff!)
Artisan's Gallery, 215 So Second St, Laramie, Wyoming.

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