Monday, December 11, 2006

Embassy, Amari, Merlin and Dewey

Here are some pics of some horses on the ranch up for sale or 'month to month' care lease. If interested email me Embassy.Very gentle and lovable Polish Arab. Very nice to ride. About 5 months ago he was skin and bones. Now he has some condition on him he would benefit from light work to build him up gradually. He's an absolute doll! Up for negotiated lease.

Amari. Beautiful Arabian mare and she knows it! At 22 as lively as ever. Great for an experienced rider. Is more than ready to get back to work! Up for negotiated lease. Merlin. Another arab and a show off at that. A character and a lot of fun to ride. Has a bit of a limp but is up for light work. Who me? He says! Up for negotiated lease.

Dewey, one of the horses I'm working with that is for sale. Sweet, sweet boy. Right now he has no rudder or brakes but he's learning really quickly. Adorable!

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Lila said...

Hey there cous,
I keep up with the bloggs. I put a favourites link in your dads computer for your blogg don't know if that helped. He still looks great and is as cheeky as ever Merry Xmas Love Lila xx