Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Jack 2007

Happy Jack Endurance ride, 12th August, 2007. I managed two 25 milers back to back. Gorgeous somewhat rocky trail only about 25minutes from home. See here Michael the evening before her first 25mile ride on Imix, Flambeau's best mate.We did the Saturday ride together. Imix did great! Especially for his very first 25 mile ride with a bunch of other horses running next to him.He has come such a long way from the shying machine he use to be. He 'saw it all' on the trail and didn't have a fit. I think we finished somewhere in the middle of a pack of many riders. I rode again on Sunday and Michael crewed. Thank goodness for her help.It's such a great relief to have a friendly face waiting at the vet check to put you and your horse back together again.
I met up with Kris the buddy I rode the Kenlyn with and we had a ball.I love riding with Kris and her arab Boomer is quite the mover. Flambeau wore a heat monitor so i could ride him out and pull him up when his heart rate indicated stress. Most of the time he did fine and we ended up 4th and 6th and in the running for best condition which once again I miss out on. Oh well. Beau did this rocky ride barefoot with only some booting.The second day was done totally barefoot other than booting the hinds for the last eight miles. His hooves look better than even.Next ride will be the Rush Creek 30mile in Nebreska in a couple of week. Yee Ha!

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