Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rushcreek Ride,Nebraska

Not many pictures taken as both Michael and I seemed to be busy most of the time. A great ride. Efficient friendly management and hosts and awesome scenery.Very sandy and hard going with numerous gopher holes to dodge. One of which I didn't and did my infamous somersault over Flambeau's head. All was well and this was only one of the possible tragedies that didn't come to be and that i can't mention too much about just incase Mernie reads this blog. We came in fourth and first in the light weigh division.Here I am weighing to go in for vetting for best condition. He was totally sound for 30miles but limped on the usual left front for the trot out then didn't limp again there after. Didn't get best conditon of course but did get a completion. Whew! This is not the first time he's pulled this one on me so i don't think I'll be going for BC anymore. No worries. To finish is to win!

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