Sunday, January 13, 2008


It was getting dark and i was hurrying to bring horses in. I'd halted up a couple of lovely young horses to bring into there motel rooms in the port-a-stall. A couple of days ago they walked away from me so i took a bucket to them with the tiniest amount of grain in it. One of them really thought it was Xmas and dove in to ravage the bottom of the bucket. As i pull his head up it came up faster, a lot faster than i had anticipated and BOOM ... get the picture? Not the horse's fault just careless little ole me. So now I'm deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. I'm sure none of this is permanent, just some kind of wake up call.


Anonymous said...

Very colorful cous, I got a similar photo of a shiner from brother George late last year. He hit himself in the eye with a cricket ball and then was caught out, a double wammy! I hope this dosen't happen in three's Love Lila

Anonymous said...

Tell Mernie not to be so rough:) Oh wait, the story was; it was a horse accident. That must have been a drag having to explain the shiner everytime someone saw you. You're creative though, you could have had fun with it and made up a different story each time. Love from Lander

dev said...

Oh Ronnie, gorgeous even WITH a shiner!!! *hug* Miss you, and HAPPY SPRING!