Wednesday, July 23, 2008

big horn 100

Dave, Dorothy-Sue and Tim; Endurance riders at the Big horn 100 2008.
Dandy Fella and yours truly on our way to completing the 55mile of the Big Horn 100. Lovely horse.Belongs to Dorothy Sue Phillips from Montana.
Fellow Aussie and super endurance rider Cris Jones holding up a copy of the Aussie OUTBACK magazine. We came in together 4th and 6th! Apparently there was an invisible rider between us who came in 5th!
Annie, one of the terrific crew members taking care of Danny Fella while i went looking for the loo. It was coming up the road on the bacK of a trailer and I wanted to be first there when it arrived!
Bob Atherton crew member extraordinaire and manager of the Happy Jack ride here in Laramie.

I completed the 55 mile ride of the Big Horn 100 in Beautiful Shell Wyoming. This horse is Danny Fella own by a wonderful endurance rider Dorothy Sue Phillips who rode Montana Flyer in the big 100. She is such an inspiration and a lovely lady t' boot!See her pictured here between two of her endurance buddies Dave and Tim.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you shots are fantastic! Loved the one of me. Thanks so much for a great ending to a great ride. Two together! when are you coming to California to ride?