Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Jack Ride 2008

(Rode this one for Dad)
Dandy Fella and yours truly. We look like we really mean business don't we! Took 8th out of 26. NTB!
Dorothy Sue greating ready for a great day. See her here in the process of brushing her teeth.
How's this for a great shot by Gary Eugen. Michael on Mystral (the blonde) and Amy on Ginger (the super mule) not having any fun at all! Click to enlarge.
Pictures by Jarvis Images


Anonymous said...

Good on ya! I'm sure your mum and dad had bets on you. I wonder if there's a TAB in heaven?

Anonymous said...

You look good!!!! Just wandered on here from Corms site, love the Foot Foot rabbits!!!