Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kerry Greear on Hawk, Pioneer Cabin, MT 2008

Kerry Greear on Silverhawk
Pioneer Cabin, Helena, MT 2008
Kerry wanted to do the 75 mile, a tough ride, to get her 2000 points on her lovely moorab (Morgan Arabian).Not wanting her to have to endure it alone I said, what the heck, I'll come along. I could tell it was a ride noone seemed to take seriously from the moment we signed up. We were the only two doing it and the others sort of looked at us as if we were a little loony. It was a difficult ride marked diligently but confusing none the less. The 'IN' 'OUT' 'IN' 'OUT signs made us crazy! Especially Dorothy Sue who was doing the 50 on Montana Flyer and went miles out of her way in the attemped to figure it all out.
Well I thought, so what we'll just take it easy. After all we had 18 hours to complete it.WRONG! Theoretically we had 18 hours. In reality, after subtracting hold times, we had about 10! I forgot about the sun. Minor detail! This wasn't the type of trail to be negotiated in the dark. As it turns out I was pulled for lameness at the 65mile hold at around six oclock. Just 10 miles to go .Oh well. Kerry trooped on alone and came in at 8.20 pm in the dark. The 25 and 50 mile riders appeared oblivious of her entry but she had a small but wildly excited cheering committee ( lead by her sister Colleen our 5 star super crew girl) to greet her. In spite of being pulled I was really pleased with my ride on Montana Skylark, Dorothy-Sue's super little Arabian mare. I felt extremely priveleged to ride with a competent well seasoned competitor like Kerry which to me was worth tons more than the official points. A fantastic time was had by all. Hopefullly we'll come in together next year.

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