Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ronnie's green thumb experience

And who said I didn't have a green thumb!I grew this potato didn't I ? I did! I did! But the truth is I didn't know I was growing it. Isn't that just how some of the best things in life turn out.You try and you try and just when you are about to give up something just happens.
Mernie discovered this giant spud while moving my compost pile to position the scaffolding for the final part of the siding he's been working on all Summer. My idea of composting is to chuck the scraps out the back door and throw a little horse manure on top occasionally. Of that we have plenty! I guess there must have been some old spudos in there somewhere and as a testomony to 'survival of the fittest' an extremely health fellow manifested himself. So there you have it. We haven't tried it yet and who knows, maybe it'll just sit on the counter and grow appendages like its parents and I'll just toss it out and start the whole serendipity thing all over again.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard of "road apples" but I don't know about these rare "road potatoes". It may be good for a spot on David Letterman! CORM