Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter starts.....tomorrow!!!

Hey 'ang on! If winter starts tomorrow why have we been dressing like this for several weeks? I tell ya, you sure want to make sure you've 'been' before you get into all these clothes!!

Fashion statement!
An extra 15-20lbs of clothing. Here's what I'm wearing.
:one pair of mens bonds underwear (much tougher and warmerthan womens and you can easily see which way they go on because of the neat little cell phone pocket in front)
:Sports bra.
:cotton tank top
:merino wool under top
:second thin wool top
:sweat shirt with hood
:down filled vest
:wind breaker with hood
:silk balaklava
:wool balaklava
:ski googles
:thick panthose (sometimes)
:merino wool long underwear
:denim jeans
:carthart bib overalls
:smart wool socks
:heavy lacross snow boots
:woollen glove liners
:disposable hand warmers......AND ITS NOT WINTER YET! very heavy and effective winter coat!

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