Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wyoming Pioneer 2009

Flambeau won both his rides in Basin Wyoming this week end. See him here showing off for the cameraman Ross Tolman (son of Jeanette the ride manager). I rode all three days (125 miles). Friday saw me aboard Dorothy Sue's handsome pinto, Dandy Fella coming 3rd in the 50. Flambeau did a 50 and a 25 miler. It rained and the last 8 or so miles of the 25 had us wallowing in (bentonite ) mud. Really snotty stuff. The horse were sliding around like drunken sailors!
I travelled with Bonnie Swiatek, Gary Brown and his lovely wife Mary. Gary and Bonnie rode all three days and snagged all the best condition awards. Yay!
I adore the Tolman rides! They are super friendly, well organised and a ton of fun!
Flambeau liked the grass!!!


jhansen_00 said...

Wow congrats to you and THE MAN!!!

sabinemacw said...

You and Flambeau look like you belong in that Hidalgo movie... You didn't really high-tail it that fast for the whole ride, right? sure looks good though!

Steve Cormey said...

Great on you mate! Flambeau and you must be a great team. Keep up the the good work!!!