Monday, July 13, 2009

Kipling, Shamrock and Big Horn

Hello, I'm Kipling. Anyone in there? Got a carrot?
Here's Kip coming home from the Big Horn 55 in my painted trailer. Looks like Flambeau doesn't he? I refer to them as book ends!
Chris Compton's Kipling above at the Big Horn 55 mile and below at Shamrock. He did us proud at both rides. His first two ever! More commentary to come.
I'm Kipling and I'm the greatest!!!

The only thing better than the trail is grass and there's grass on the trail so what are we waiting for. Let's GO!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cous just letting you know I'm keeping up with your news. Lin Curtis (Uncle Keith's Linda)has left you a message on Facebook.
Kipling's a great looking horse just like Flambeau
Lila xxxxx

d. stew said...

A handsome steed. Sorry I missed you in Grand Lake. I didn't know you were there until it was too late to see you. You'll have to make a return appearance.