Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horse and Rider, Glenwood Springs

Dork by a stump!
Horse and rider in Glenwood Springs this week end was a gorgeous but pretty tough ride. I traveled with Bonnie, Gary and Mary ( the Onnies and the Arys) and had the usual laughs and adventures. They're terrific people to be around.
I was more than happy with a completion on the fifty. I did the 25 the next day and we came in overtime. We had a nice 'trail ride' and I got acquainted with Wendy Brookes a lovely competitive trail rider and learned lots about that sport along the way. She is a nurse. It's always good to have one of them around!
In true form, Flambeau and I took 'the scenic route' on the fifty, so he was dead tired and very hungry on Sunday.He was sucking up to the vets and trying to tell them what a nasty person i was for getting us lost and putting an extra 15 miles on him! LOL.
The ride was way under staffed but they did the best they could with what they had, were friendly and professional and pulled it off nicely in the end. There were lots of laughs! I hope Carol (the Manager) is able to get much more support so she can put it on again next year. Pics to come!
If i get time I'll tell you about the sheep and killer dogs and falling flat on my face on the mogul course! R LOL

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Sam said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy!!

I passed on your regards and a big hug to Lis & John who were excited to hear about you.

Take care.