Monday, September 28, 2009

Kenlyn, Fall 09

Here I am aboard the Silver Bullet, Kipling followed close behind by Joe, the Junior i was sponsoring. Joe's only 14 so legally he needs a sponsor but in reality he can ride the pants off of any of us! I love Linda Fisher's ride 'The Kenlyn Urban Challenge'. It is held twice per year in May and in September and i try to get to both events. Kip was in fine form and ploughed gallantly through all the monsters lurking in the city to win the 50 mile. Joe and i decided to tie for first and Joe's horse Scooter also earned the best condition award. That was one happy kid. Well deserved!


shazada1au said...

Hi there. I have been following Kips progress through Chris on the Fugly forum.. I'm an Aussie Quilty Buckle holder, and have enjoyed watching his progress.
And i am now enjoying reading your Blog. Will drop you a line by email. Cheers from Aus

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you.Ronnie