Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Coffee Tumeric and watercolor, new work heading into 2011

Media...Turmeric, Coffee and a little watercolor.Love experimental media. Don't ask me about the permanency of the first two but anyone who has ever accidentally spilled either of those substances on their favorite shirt might know more about that!LOL
Take a look at the style of the first painting and ask 'what's wrong with this picture? It's loose and splashy but a little more on the 'normal side of what i usually do. Maybe due to a possibly dislocated thumb, picking up a brush instead of using my fingers (and other parts of my body) has taken me back to my roots which was fairly traditional watercolor. Have i gone backward ? Perhaps i just needed to revisit or perhaps i was going too far on the 'wild side' and needed to create some balance. Anyhow, there it is. Scroll down to see more typical Ronnie Roo wild stuff. Doesn't get much wilder that 'WILD WILLY!!


Whoa boy! It's Wild Willy!

And then there's GEORGE!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cous love your new work

icepony said...

George makes me giggle. Every. Single. Time. I don't know how you do that, but I love it!