Thursday, July 07, 2011

Shamrock 2011

Shamrock 3 day Pioneer, really hard to beat for pure enjoyment with the works.
See here yours truly on Montana Skylark (Larka) on the first day 55 mile.

An excellent week end! The first day was great on Larka and the second day I rode Maximilian Mule and the third day Larka again.
Mule and sunset photo by Cheryl Winters. Big Thanks.

ding the super mule Max on his first LD ever was sooooooo much fun. I rode with Martha De Rio and Amy Nager. We really booked along on the first lap but had to pedal hard on the last lap in the heat. All finished well.
Shamrock is one of the best rides in the region for fun, beauty, good food and hospitality plus. Not to be missed!

Photo by Karl's Creations. I don't bother even taking a camera when the Karls are at a ride. Love their work!

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