Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Head and Shoulders ..and 'Other Things' Shampoo ! Re Tweet

R: Tweet Aug 10
A friend I was talking to at an endurance ride mentioned how effective Head and Shoulders Shampoo was for removing the crud  that builds  up infront of a gelding's sheath because he doesn't let down when peeing. My gelding Flambeau is a prime example of  one with this dirty habit  and I have to scub the area to get it clean. Of course I went straight out and got some Head and shoulders shampoo and was amazed at how easily the crude came off. That night while showering I happen to notice a bottle the same shape but with Equate as the name. On closer inspection it turns out to be the generic, and half the price version of Head and Shoulders. So there you have it! We get the brand name for our horses and let the husband do with the cheaper generic form. Typical!
But now i'm wondering.... does he have the same problem?

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