Saturday, January 04, 2014

Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink

Ok there are basicly two living places on the property. A big dome house (the forever project see previous post) and the loft above the garage which is also a work in progress but where we are living right now. It is insulated, has heat, hot and cold running water and a tooty! All these things have come one at a time, and now the kitchen is upstairs rather in the freezing garage. Now we have, literally every thing BUT the kitchen sink. See here my makeshift kitchen sink pictured above.
 The old couch in the inset window bay.
 Bathroom now has a door. We put it in yesterday.
 Mern putting up bathroom towel hangers. Life's little luxuries.
 The bedroom. Bad photo. There is more light than this.
 Buffet at the side of the kitchen.
All sort of make shift but very livable and cosy.

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