Saturday, April 12, 2008

Portfolio continued/Foot Foot Song

Here is my very first rough sketch for the main character of a story written by my good friend Steve Cormey He has fashioned the story after a song called the Foot Foot song written a long long time ago by Ray Bolger.The song also features in the story and the whole thing is really cute. I would use this song when i was a storyteller years ago.Cormey had three really dilapidated rabbit puppets with button eyes that didn't match. I used these as props and still have them here in my studio closet. The kids loved them. When my stories just weren't working and things were not going well on stage I'd just pull out the rabbits and sing the Foot Foot song. Anyway, the story, the song and more illustrations will come later. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great to see you're working on the animation. Looks fantastic so far. I'm getting some new recording stuff soon, so I'll get to work on the music. Keep up the good work! Corm said...

I have been looking for that Ray Bolger song for YEARS! My grandparents had the old 45 record and we used to listen to it as kids. Do you have a copy of it available? You can't find it on the internet. Please contact me if possible.