Monday, April 07, 2008

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SILLY MAGIC written and illustrated by Ronda Eden Willy and Waly Wombat lived in far away Australia. They were happy little fellows and had good reason to be. Australia is a really BIG place so they had lots of room to run around and play. And when they weren't playing they were napping. All day they could play, take a nap then play some more. When they weren't playing or napping they would do what they loved best of all...........ride their bikes!
One day they discovered a mysterious trail that lead them into an even more mysterious forest. After a while they became a little pooped and decided to take a break and have a snack on some sandwiches they had swashed in their pockets.
As they relaxed under gigantic mysterious trees they didn't notice the magic stuff falling onto them from the branches above.They gobbled down their sandwiches and still didn't notice the magic stuff. They couldn't have possibly know this was 'silly magic', the kind that makes you do the strangest things.

SUDDENLY they felt really dizzy and the world started spinning around them. Willy's skin began to tingle and and the hairs on his neck stood straight up on end.

Then he leap t to his feet and ran full speed through the trees.Wally ran after him and they ran and the ran and they laughed and they laugh. They were being really silyl and having so much fun that they didn't notice it was getting dark..............until.......IT WAS.
Willy and Wally were lost! And they weren't feeling very silly any more! They couldn't possible find their way back home in the dark, so they used their 'wombat sense'. They dug a shallow hole, covered themselves with leaves to keep warm and went to sleep.
In the morning when the sun came up they could easily find their tracks. They followed them around and around and around and around and around until they finally found..... their bikes.
They jumped on and peddled out of that mysterious place as fast as their little wombat legs could carry leaving all of that silly magic behind them.Well almost all of it!

To be edited etc

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